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Archived News

June 2015 Monthly Update
The June 2015 monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 6/12/2015)

Monarch Store Closed for Maintenance
The Monarch Store will be closed for maintenance from Friday, October 17, 2014 at 4:00 pm Central Time through sometime on Wednesday, October 22, 2014. (Added: 10/17/2014)

Upcoming Monarch Lab Events

The Monarch Lab is involved in some exciting workshops and web seminars around the Flight of the Butterflies in 3D film and the National Science Teachers Association regional conferences in Richmond, Virginia, and Orlando, Florida, this fall. We hope to see you at one of them!

(Added: 9/22/2014)

Summer 2014 Monthly Update
The summer 2014 monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 8/8/2014)

Updated Datasheets
We have uploaded new version of the datasheets for Activity #3 and Activity #4 (revision date 6-2-2014). Please download new copies! (Added: 7/25/2014)

Forest Service Honors the Monarch Lab at Wings Across the Americas Conservation Awards Ceremony
The US Forest Service honored the University of Minnesota Monarch Lab at the Wings Across the Americas Conservation Awards Ceremony in March.  (Added: 3/21/2014)

MLMP Volunteer Ilse Gebhard and Russ Schipper highlighted in Encore Magazine interview
Listen to this great interview about citizen scientists! MLMP's own Ilse Gebhard and Russ Schipper are highlighted in the interview. 

(Added: 3/6/2014)

Community Connections Garden Lab
The University of Minnesota Monarch Lab built a Community Connections Garden in 2013 on the University campus. University students, staff, and visitors will utilize this garden as a place to learn about and enjoy native plants and pollinators. Click here to watch a brief video about this garden. (Added: 12/4/2013)

August-September 2013 Monthly Update
The August-September monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 9/30/2013)

Internet Explorer Issue Resolved!
The issue that some users were having with entering data using Internet Explorer has been resolved. Please contact the webmaster if you encounter any other issues while trying to enter MLMP data online. (Added: 7/11/2013)

Internet Explorer Issue
We have heard reports from volunteers of issues when entering online data using the latest versions of Internet Explorer. We are working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, if you're experiencing problems, please try entering data from another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Questions? Contact our webmaster. (Added: 6/21/2013)

Google Earth Monarch Tour
A story about the migration of the eastern population of monarch butterflies in North America, and the people that help them out along the way. This Google Earth Tour was produced by Atlantic Public Media in cooperation with the Encyclopedia of Life Learning + Education group located at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology. It was produced by Eduardo Garcia-Milagros & Ari Daniel Shapiro, and features scientists Karen Oberhauser and Isabel Ramirez.
Google Earth Monarch Tour on YouTube
Meet the Scientists
(Added: 5/21/2013)

April 2013 Monthly Update
The April monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 4/17/2013)

No Monarch Live Organism Distribution in 2013
The MonarchLab has decided not to distribute monarchs in 2013. In other words, Live Organisms will not be available at our Monarch Store. Read More » (Added: 4/17/2013)

Citizen Science GeoStory
National Geographic published an online GeoStory about citizen science across the US. See the link below and have a great tour of what is happening out there, and read about two MLMP volunteers: Ilse Gebhard in Michigan and Valerie Evanson and her son Shane in Pennsylvania. (Added: 4/15/2013)

Monarchs Across Georgia
Monarchs Across Georgia has just published their spring 2013 newsletter, with lots of great information about monarchs, monarch habitats, and other pollinators. Check it out here. (Added: 3/12/2013)

February 2013 Monthly Update
The February monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 3/6/2013)

November 2012 Monthly Update
The November monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 12/4/2012)

October 2012 Monthly Update
The October monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 11/2/2012)

MLMP Volunteer In the News
Long-time MLMP volunteer Ilse Gebhard was recently featured in this article and video from mlive.com in Michigan. (Added: 10/22/2012)

September 2012 Monthly Update
The September monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 10/2/2012)

August 2012 Monthly Update
The August monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 8/28/2012)

Monarch Citizen Science in the News
Project MonarchHealth is helping to show how human activity and habitat disruption may affect migration patterns and spread of infectious diseases. (Added: 6/20/2012)

Study ties GMO corn, soybeans to butterfly losses
Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed plants. But milkweed is disappearing from its prime habitat: Midwestern farm fields. A new study by Karen Oberhauser and her Iowa State colleague John Pleasants ties a decade-long decline in monarch populations to the loss of milkweed from the corn and soybean fields that blanket the region. Read the StarTribune article. (Added: 3/19/2012)

February 2012 Monthly Update
The February monthly update is now online. Sign up to receive updates by email. (Added: 2/29/2012)

Winter Monarch Butterflies are Reproducing in San Antonio
Check out this blog post about opportunisitic monarch butterflies that are reproducing now in San Antonio, Texas. Article features U of MN grad student Kelly Nail. (Added: 1/11/2012)

Monarch Studies at Weaver Lake Elementary
All of the K-6 students at Weaver Lake Elementary School in Maple Grove, Minnesota studied monarchs and insect ecology this fall. They had a schoolwide monarch fair at which students shared their findings about monarch life cycles, camouflage, parasites, and ecology with their parents, teachers and administrators. View the YouTube videos the students made about their work. (Added: 1/4/2012)

December 2011 Monthly Update
The December monthly update email has been sent. You can view it online here. Sign up for our email list. (Added: 1/4/2012)

Monarchs in the News
Monarchs can find patches of habitat in the middle of the largest cities in the U.S; read about them in New York! (Added: 10/31/2011)

In the News: Students Get the Dirt on Nature
This story from the Brainerd (MN) Dispatch talks about students getting involved in gardening and mentions the MLMP’s Catherine McGoldrick. (Added: 10/14/2011)

Monarch Biology and Conservation Meeting: Minnesota 2012
We invite your attendance at a 2.5-day meeting, June 21-23, 2012, at the University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum. This meeting will be an opportunity for monarch biologists, agency land managers, monarch conservationists, citizen scientists, and others interested in monarch biology and conservation to share information on monarch population trends, new findings in monarch biology, and successful monarch conservation efforts. It will include speaking and poster sessions, field trips, workshops, and plenty of time for informal sharing and networking. This 5th international conference on monarch biology and conservation is being planned and sponsored by the Monarch Joint Venture and the MonarchLab at the University of Minnesota. For more information, please visit the meeting website or contact Priya Shahani or Karen Oberhauser. (Added: 10/4/2011)

September 2011 Monthly Update
Have you received our September monthly update? You can find it online here. Sign up for our email list. (Added: 9/28/2011)

MLMP in the News
Check out this article about monarchs in the Kane County Chronicle. It features the Monarch Lab's own Wendy Macziewski and other monarch enthusiasts. (Added: 9/24/2011)

People and Butterflies Connect at Minneapolis Monarch Festival
People of all ages and backgrounds came together on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011 at the Monarch Festival on Lake Nokomis to share their love for the monarch butterfly. This article includes quotes from our own Lis Young-Isebrand. (Added: 9/18/2011)

August 2011 Monthly Update
Our August monthly update email has been sent. You can view it online here. Sign up for our email list. (Added: 9/8/2011)

Duluth, MN MLMP group featured in article
Duluth News Tribune story about kids learning about monarch butterflies through the MLMP (Added: 8/8/2011)

July 2011 Monthly Update
Our July monthly update email has been sent. You can view it online here. Sign up for our email list.
(Added: 7/25/2011)

MLMP Volunteer In the News
Read about how citizens are monitoring bats, birds, and butterflies in Madison WI. This article in the Isthmus includes a story about MLMP volunteer Eric Johnson.
(Added: 6/21/2011)

June 2011 Monthly Update
Our June monthly update just went out by email. Did you receive it? You can check it out online here. Sign up for our email list.
(Added: 6/21/2011)

Monthly Updates
We send out a short monthly e-newsletter with highlights and quick news items from our lab and volunteers. If you are an MLMP volunteer and did not receive a newsletter in May, or you are not a volunteer and would like to get monarch news each month, sign up or take a look at our May newsletter. (Added: 5/27/2011)

MLMP on ScienceForCitizens.net
The MLMP was recently highlighted in the blog for ScienceForCitizens.net, an online database of projects for citizen scientists of all ages. Check it out! (Added: 5/8/2011)

2011 MLMP Newsletter
The 2011 Monarch Larva Monitoring Project annual newsletter is now available. Check out our newsletter index to find current and past MLMP newsletters and to get a short description of the contents of each. (Added: 5/5/2011)

Parasitism Changes
We are making some changes to improve our monarch parasitoid study. You can now enter data for monarchs collected at sites other than your regular monitoring site. Just log in to your data entry page, and you'll see a link labeled 'Enter/Edit Data On Monarchs You Rear From Other Locations'. Then enter data just like you would for monarchs from your own site. (Added: 4/4/2011)

Butterfly Links from Animal Planet
We recently ran across these monarch- and butterfly-related resources from Animal Planet and thought you might enjoy them as much as we did. (You can also find them on our Links page.)

(Added: 3/17/2011)

2011 Monarchs in the Classroom Summer Workshops
Information about our Monarchs in the Classroom two-week summer workshops is now available. There are two offerings: Schoolyard Ecology Explorations for Middle and High School Teachers and Monarchs & More: Insect Ecology for Elementary Teachers. Course dates are June 20-24 and July 11-14. Register by April 15th! More information. (Added: 2/2/2011)

Christy Hermann’s class is working on communicating with the world at large about their monarch knowledge/learnings/questions through “Voicethread.” If you haven’t checked this venue out - you should! It’s very fun for kids and adults alike. And it’s a great way for kids to safely interact with people on the internet outside of the safety of your school.
http://ed.voicethread.com/share/1353148/ and
(Added: 10/25/2010)

Monarchs Migrating Over Cape May
Check out these amazing pictures of migrating monarchs! (Added: 10/1/2010)

Monarch Tagging at Conserve School 2010

This video was contributed by MLMP volunteer Mary Anna Thornton of the Conserve School. Conserve School students and staff collect monarch caterpillars in the school garden, raise them in rearing chambers, observe them for parasite activity, tag them, take samples, and keep records to send to university labs.

(Added: 9/22/2010)

MLMP Volunteer Denny Brooks Featured in Article
Congratulations to MLMP volunteer Denny Brooks from Midland, Michigan. He and his monitoring site, North Arb Chippewa Nature Center, were recently featured in an article in the Midland Daily News. Read the article here.
(Added: 9/15/2010)

Registration Problem Resolved
It was brought to our attention that users were receiving an error message when trying to register for an MLMP account. The problem has been resolved. If you were affected, please try again! We apologize for the inconvenience.
(Added: 8/9/2010)

Activity #3 Datasheet Revised
We are working with Project MonarchHealth to obtain a more complete picture of monarch parasites, and the revised Activity #3 datasheet describes how to collect data on Oe (Ophryocystis elektroschirrha) infections. You'll need to request a sampling kit from the MonarchHealth folks at the University of Georgia, but this is easy to do and will cost you nothing. This is optional, but will be interesting and valuable. (Added: 5/25/2010)

Texas Monarch Monitoring Project
The Texas Monarch Monitoring Project collaborates with Journey North, Monarch Watch, Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, and the Monarch Joint Venture to train Texas Master Naturalists and other citizen scientists to monitor monarchs in Texas. Join us on-line or at our Spring and Fall Workshops. Feel free to drop by the TXMONARCHMONITORINGPROJECT homepage now. To keep the online conversation moving, invite friends and others who share your passion. You can join the group, post a message, add photos, create an event, or whatever. In short, make yourself at home in your new group. (Added: 4/14/2010)

Welcome to the New MLMP Website!
We are very excited to announce the launching of the new MLMP website! The website has a completely new look, and many new exciting features. Please take some time to check it out. We hope that the organization will be much clearer, and that you'll find lots of new and useful features. One of the first things you should try out is the Google Maps method for locating the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of your monitoring site. Once you enter these coordinates, your old data will be correctly placed in the world. Next, you should check out the new, optional version of Activity 1, estimating monarch density. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. (Added: 3/16/2010)

2010 MLMP Newsletter
(Added: 3/13/2010)

MLMP Volunteer Featured on WMUK
There is a news piece featuring Monarch Larva Monitoring Project volunteer Ilse Gebhard on the Western MI University public radio station; includes audio and photos. (Added: 2/17/2010)

Upcoming Training Sessions in Texas
Volunteers for Texas Monarch Watch, Cibolo Nature Center, and Texas Master Naturalist are planning spring and fall Monarch Monitoring Workshops that are a collaboration between MLMP, Monarch Watch, and Journey North. The workshops are scheduled for April 9-10 and September 24-25, 2010. Click here for more information (Added: 2/17/2010)

Monarch Monitoring Handbook
Monarch Butterfly Monitoring in North America: Overview of Initiatives and Protocols is a trilateral resource that can be used in Mexico, the United States and Canada by anyone interested in monarch biology or conservation, including land managers, citizen scientists, and nature center personnel. The goal of the book is to facilitate the development of monarch monitoring programs throughout the monarch's annual cycle of breeding, migrating and overwintering in North America. Individuals throughout the monarchs' range can choose monitoring protocols that are appropriate to their location and specific needs, contact leaders of existing programs, enter their data, and access the findings of monarch monitoring programs. (Added: 2/17/2010)

Prof. Oberhauser on Discovery Channel Canada
The recent outbreak of pine bark beetles in the overwintering sites is causing concern among monarch biologists throughout North America. Here's what Karen Oberhauser had to say about the problem in a recent interview on the Discovery Channel in Canada. (Added: 2/17/2010)

Project MonarchHealth
Do you have monarchs near your home or garden? Then sign up to participate in Project MonarchHealth! Project MonarchHealth surveys monarch butterflies for infection by the protozoan parasite Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE). The survey is easy to do, participation is free, and you receive free sampling materials and instructions! To sign up and learn more about the project, visit: http://www.monarchparasites.org/ or email monarch@uga.edu. (Added: 2/17/2010)

MLMP Featured in Climate Change Book
The MLMP was featured as a project in the new book "How We Know What we Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming" by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch. (Added: 2/14/2010)

2009 MLMP Newsletter
(Added: 2/14/2010)